automated personalised video

A personalised video is an advert that can be tailored to each individual viewer using data collected such as their name, age, activities and results to provide an intensely personal experience that invites user engagement.

/what are personalised videos?


It can be used to re-engage with lapsed players, send a personalised offer, provide a richer customer experience and foster customer loyalty.

The stats

/Building loyalty

Customers are more loyal to brands that recognize them and make an effort to provide relevant offers.

This is the reason why personalised videos have been able to achieve:

  • 17x more lapsed players returning to the game
  • 169% higher average play hours from previously inactive players
  • 50% increase in average sales volume
  • 68% increase in average total sales

*Statistics from Accenture and Idomoo

/driving engagement

Research from Adobe show higher click-to-open rates and click-throughs for personalised videos versus generic ones. This is because customers want to feel special, and they’re much more likely to engage with correspondence that’s clearly just for them.

/what makes a good marketing campaign?



According to Forbes, it's delivering a personally meaningful message. AdSpark suggests being specific and personalising your campaigns.


It's about scaling deep and making connection the key to succeeding. Understanding your audience then delivering relatable content -- best done via personalised videos.



/creating personalised videos

The process of creating personalised videos is not as tedious as you think. As we now have tools and platforms available for such a specific purpose, it's possible to quickly launch and scale these videos for multiple campaigns.


Intuitive interfaces and automation tools allow for campaigns to be planned, produced, rendered and distributed in just a few days or weeks.


/brands already utilising personalised videos

/covering a full range of user scenarios

/covering a full range of user scenarios

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Auomated Personalised Videos


Auomated Personalised Videos

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