people-based marketing

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People’s time and attention are on mobile

  • 3 hours per day on mobile
  • 58% of digital time spent in apps

Mobile discovery influences consumer behaviour


  • 74% of millennials take action after being inspired by a post
  • 33% of shoppers research on mobile before buying on desktop or offline

With the Facebook family of apps and services, you have access to some of the world's most-used apps that have engaged the most people.

To reach people on mobile, reach them where they spend time.

  • With Facebook, you have access to an enormous audience. More than 2.2 billion people are visiting Facebook every month.
  • Instagram now has 800 million people using the platform every month.
  • 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month to engage with their friends, family and businesses.
  • And through the Audience Network, you can expand the reach of your campaigns into thousands of other popular apps, all of which have been vetted by Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram account for over 20% of time spent on mobile

And the Audience Network accounts for 6% of additional time on mobile

The realities of cross-device and cross-channel movement make it more important than ever for marketers to measure their efforts. In this environment, proxies simply won't do.

You need the power and precision of people-based measurement to measure the metrics most important to your business.

Measure real business outcomes throughout the consumer journey

incremental lift
and attribution

Measure across devices, channels and publishers


Facebook has advertising solutions that can help you deliver people-based marketing at every stage of the consumer journey.

An example


Introduce people to your brand with a video ad on Instagram

An example

Demand Generation

Drive demand for your product offering with Canvas on Facebook

An example

Acquisition: Lead Generation

Use lead ads to collect contact information from interested buyers

An example

Acquisition: Mobile App Installs

Use mobile app ads to get people to install your mobile app

An example


And finally, use dynamic ads to automatically promote your product catalogue to people who have shown interest and intent

campaign objectives

drive awareness

drive store traffic

generate demand for your products or services

acquire high-quality leads

acquire high-quality mobile app installs

drive transactions for your products

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